What is a life insurance policy? Credit Savings

Life insurance is a contract that allows you to be sure of yourself or to insure another person (a child or a parent for example) for a defined period of time with the insurer.

Obtaining life insurance in 2018 allows the beneficiary to facilitate its wealth management such as the protection and transmission of its assets. The life insurance policy also offers a wide range of financial products and a favorable tax system.

The life insurance policy is the best current financial investment as well as the preferred placement of the French because it is the most advantageous and the safest. More than 8 million French people have life insurance. Before you take out life insurance, it is necessary to compare them with a life insurance simulator that we offer for free.

Types of life insurance policies

Types of life insurance policies

The difference between life insurance policies depends on the guarantees chosen, the rate of payment of premiums, etc. It is possible to classify life insurance contracts into two categories:

– The contract in case of life:

It is most often chosen for savings. Like a savings plan, there is a regular payment of a fixed amount on a fixed date. These payments will take place throughout the life of the insured.

– The contract in case of death

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