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Savings are a portion of income that is not earmarked for the expense and is generally used for future expenses or to deal with certain situations.


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  • 1 The banking investment in savings account 2019
  • 2 Investments made in the bank
  • 3 Investment vehicles in financial savings
  • 4 Real Estate Investment to Save
  • 5 Employee savings
  • 6 Committed savings
  • 7 Retirement savings
  • 8 Investment through financial intermediaries


The investment banking in savings account 2019


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 Savings are made on several criteria including:

– What is the ultimate goal of saving? Some save to finance retirement, a project, or just for a security reserve. Others want their incomes to increase or to lower their taxes.

– It is also a question of thinking about the rapid recovery of savings: this is called liquidity. We talk about liquid savings if it can be drawn cheaply.

– Savings time is also an important criterion or the duration. A long-term, short-term investment is managed in a different way.

– Return and risk taking. When you make a risky investment, the return is good. If it is a question of saving to earn money, it will have to involve a high risk. On the other hand, if the purpose of the savings is to make a reserve, the choice will have to be made on an investment with less risk.

  • It is also necessary to evaluate the real return because each investment has a tax. Some investments also benefit from tax exemption.


Investments made in the bank


Investments made in the bank


Bank savings is a way to invest with a return without taking any risks. There are low-yielding but low-risk investments such as savings booklets and savings accounts offered by the Credit Agricole , Cetelem, and CIC Savings savings packages.

In terms of 2019 banking investment, the possibilities are numerous, for example: the CEL (Housing Savings Account), the PEL (Housing Savings Plan), the youth booklet, the Livret A (or blue booklet), the LEP (booklet). popular savings), the Livret B or bank account, the LDD (sustainable development book), the current account with pay and the term account, the term account such as the one proposed by Credit Mutuel epargne , the term deposit and the famous investment in life insurance that is the best savings 2019 thanks to its very attractive rate of return.


Investment vehicles in financial savings


Investment vehicles in financial savings


Stock investing is an investment with higher risk but better returns. It is beneficial in the long run.

There are many investment vehicles for savings in financial products. We can cite in particular: the Madelin contract, the securities account, the savings plan in shares or PEA, life insurance, the popular retirement savings plan or PERP.

To save on the stock market, a wide range of financial products is possible: warrants and options, OPCVMSICAV, SICAV monetary, mutual funds, formula funds, index funds.


Real estate investment to save


Real estate investment to save


For a profitable long-term investment, real estate remains in a good position. There are many ways for this kind of savings.

You can turn to real estate rental, you can also invest in shares of a real estate company such as a SCPI (real estate investment trust), an OPCI (mutual fund for real estate), or a SIIC (listed real estate investment company).

To benefit from the tax exemption, you have the opportunity to make a real estate purchase (as the program of the law Pinel, Duflot, Girardin …)

Employee savings


Employee savings is correlated with the results of the company. It can be a participation, a PERE, a PERCO, an employee shareholding, or even PEE.

An employee may voluntarily choose the salary product and the portion of the voluntary payment he wishes to make. The company is free to decide to subscribe to the employee savings plan and thus to supplement the employee’s payment with an additional contribution.


Committed savings


Committed savings


Committed savings can be done in several ways. You can invest in companies that meet ethical criteria, so we talk about socially responsible investing.

It is also possible to invest savings in financing social or humanitarian projects.


Retirement savings

Retirement savings

Arrangements have been put in place to save and finance retirement. You have the choice between a Savings Plan for the Collective Retreat, the Retirement Savings Plan, the Life Insurance, or the Madelin Law Contract.

Investment through financial intermediaries

Investment through financial intermediaries

Financial intermediaries only work in savings investments and offer attractive 2018 savings rates. They can be general or specialized. You have the choice between insurance associations, insurance companies, mutual or commercial banks, wealth management advisers, online brokers, or investment clubs.

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