Phone Loan Facilities

In Internet times, a great diversity of banks, financial institutions, easy credit, simulations and so many other facilities, one more is offered to people: they are the loans by phone, which can help in emergency situations or become a big mess . All the care is short on getting a debt this way.

Desired Credit from the Bank

Desired Credit from the Bank

What companies that offer money in these conditions like to brag about is the convenience of the transaction. You do not have to leave the house, lose time in a queue, submit to any embarrassment or discomfort when it comes to asking for money or even meeting an acquaintance at a time of vulnerability. Just pick up the phone and, very quickly, make a simulation and get the desired credit from the bank or financial.

Among the offers available on the internet that offer more security at the time of request is the loan on the phone made in payroll and discounted in payment, salary, benefit or counter-check (in this line, banks and financiers approve the credit of people negativadas in the square).

Salaried, pensioners, retired and military and civil servants in general can get them without difficulties and quickly, but, attention! Care must be taken to choose from so many alternatives and offers that are most advantageous and offer the best rate. The installments can not commit more than 30% of the income, this is regulated by law.

Who offers loan?

Other than that – and most importantly – is the increased attention to be paid to the company that offers the loan, asked for money in advance to release the loan, forget it, it is fraud. It is worth remembering that the only way in Brazil to borrow money without checking the situation of the applicant before the Serasa or SPC is payroll deductible credit, in general the release is fast, if not, up to 72 hours.

An honest and correct institution only grants the loan after due checks on the applicant and, after approving it, sends the contract and all documentation due by mail. Important: always read the agreement in its entirety.

When you apply for a loan on the phone, either at your bank where you have an account or at a bank correspondent on the internet, be exactly aware of the commitment you are making, how much you will pay, the amount of the benefit, how long you are making a commitment, reading is imperative.

Caution: do not discard some caution when hiring a loan over the phone, pay attention to this:
The company is regulated by the laws of the BC (Central Bank);
It has CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entity);
Confirm that there are “physical stores” in your City and which address;
Has a phone is fixed or is it only a cell phone;
Is the Site or contact a broker (Pastinha) or is it a Loan Shop?

Never make any deposit or payment of any type of fee before receiving the money.

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