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There are many different types in the Netherlands and I will try to compare them piece by piece and therefore state whether it is possible to get your loan on your account today.

Logically, for larger amounts, more time is needed to determine whether you qualify for this. Payslips must be viewed and your credit history will be checked. However, this does not apply to all loans that are available. Read on to discover which credits can be in your account particularly quickly.

Direct lenders get you cash fast in 3 easy steps

What amount can I borrow

Imagine you want to borrow money on the account today, where you can go for a direct lender loan. Hopefully, you may check my source, this can give you more clarity about the direct lender loans. 

The amount that you can borrow depends on a number of factors. First, of course, your income, for a decent loan, that is, a loan from 2,500 euros, you need at least an income of around 1400 euros. All loans generally start from 2,500 euros, with the exception of the mortgage and the mini loan.

The mortgage is of course for buying a house, since the amount for this is a lot higher than for other loans, you see that the starting amount is also considerably higher. The mini loan is another story apart, this can be requested from 100 euros with a maximum of 1500 euros.

Interest credit

Interest credit

The interest credit is a variant of the revolving credit on understanding that the monthly amount is low because you only have to pay back the interest. The main part, therefore, remains 100% and must still be repaid after the interest credit has expired. The grace period is usually 5 years, after which it will be assessed whether it will be continued or that you should actually start paying off.

If the interest-free period is extended, this will again be for 5 years. The interest that you pay on this form of credit is not deductible from your tax return.
If you have all the papers in order, you can have this loan in your bank account in 2 business days

Revolving credit

With the revolving credit, you pay the interest that is charged each month in addition to a piece of repayment. It is a popular form of borrowing, because the big advantage is that money that you do not withdraw has no interest costs. You actually have some money with this credit if you suddenly need it.

The revolving credit has no fixed end time and the interest is variable, this does not affect your monthly payment, it just means that you pay off more than once.
If your revolving credit is approved, you can have the money within 2 working days.

Borrow money on the account today

With the above examples, you can see when your money is transferred or made available in the case of revolving credit. If you want the money that you borrow on your account today, then you will have to choose a mini loan, with choosing different options this can be transferred to you within 10 minutes. The disadvantage of this form of borrowing is that the amount you can request is limited to 1500 euros.

Mini loan on your account today

Mini loan on your account today

As mentioned earlier, the mini loan is the only solution to get money into your account quickly. With a paid option, the money can be transferred to your account the same day and if you have the same bank, this is immediately on your account and you can then go to the ATM.

The minimum amount you can request is 100 euros with a maximum of 1500 euros. If it is the first time that you are going to do this, then there are ceilings, with one 200 euros the first time and with the other 400 euros the first time.

Car loan

Car loan

You are planning to buy a new car and want to arrange this quickly, so you should opt for a personal loan. When applying, the expected life of the car is considered so that the loan can be adjusted accordingly. Usually, this period is 5 years, but it remains dependent on what you are going to buy. With a brand new car, the lifespan is, of course, longer than when you buy a car that is 10 years old. With this rule, you want to prevent you from having the car to a certain point and you are still paying back.

You must have a net income of around 1400 euros per month to be eligible for this. Taking out a loan for the purchase of a car yourself is usually cheaper than if you have it taken care of by the company where you buy your car because they also have to earn something from it. Please note, this may make a difference and if you have arranged your loan yourself, you will have a better negotiating position if you depend on a loan from a car dealership.

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