Educational Credit Vs Personal Credit Which one suits you best?

If you are going to study at a private institute, you can apply for a loan to cover the cost. But, depending on the educational level you want to study and the institute, you can choose two options: a personal credit or a credit focused on the area, which is an educational credit . Here we leave you the disadvantages of educational credit Vs personal credit to analyze and choose the best option.

Educational credit Vs Personal credit

Educational credit Vs Personal credit

Although, the ideal is to request an educational credit, there is also the option of a personal credit that you should not discard if you wish to pay for your studies through a credit. We leave you a brief comparison:


Educational Credit Vs Personal Credit

Educative credit Personal credit
Coverage It can be requested by students only for some institutions It can be requested by anyone as long as you have a good credit history
Rode The amount if it is a bank can cover from 30 to 80% of the total school expenses and its government is up to 100% The amounts vary depending on the financial institution, but can range from 5,000 to 700,000 and could reach you to cover the cost at 100%
Payments There are two types of payment periods:

a) You start paying once the loan is contracted

b) It begins to pay until the student has finished his studies and after completing the established extension time

Payments must be made immediately after the credit is authorized
Financial conditions The interest rate does not exceed 20% and the commissions are few or none The interest can reach up to 48% and the commissions are variable
Educational level that covers Professional level and postgraduate studies It is a free credit and you can use it to pay the expenses of any educational nvel

As we said, the ideal is to hire a personal credit, but … What if your university is not on the list of participating institutions? o If you are not a university student but want to cover the cost of a high school? True! An educational credit would no longer be your reach, however you can opt for a personal credit.

The conditions Educational credit Vs Personal credit

The conditions Educational credit Vs Personal credit

Educative credit:


  • Unless the procedure is done well in advance, you would have to cover the cost of your first tuition fees. In some cases the bank or educational institution that lends you can replace it but in others it cannot.

Personal credit:

Personal credit:

  • You must have a very good credit history to have access to these types of credits
  • If your age does not allow you to request any, the procedure must be directly through your parents
  • There are NO extensions to initiate payments or to stop paying without damaging the history

It is convenient that you compare both options very well before deciding on one of them. Remember, studying is very important because in the end it is an investment that will suit you for a lifetime, so prioritize it over some other credits.

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